Tuesday, June 16, 2020


By Luke Douglas

How to Get a Summer Body
You'll Feel Confident About

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In an ideal world, we could munch on all the sweets we want without ever worrying about flabby arms or love handles. Alas, we’re destined to fight our cravings while we motivate ourselves to regularly hit the gym or go for a jog in order to build a figure we want. Working on your physique is a noble goal, because you simultaneously work on your health and wellbeing, and you enhance your self-esteem and confidence

Once you’ve defined exactly what you want to achieve, whether you’d like to shed a few pesky pounds off your waist and derriere, or you’d like to build some lean muscle, you can start crafting your own fitness plan for a perfect summer bod. Here are a few ideas to use in your own pursuit of fitness!

Motivate yourself with snazzy wearables

For many people, achieving your fitness goals for the summer can boil down to one ingredient: motivation. And what better way to push yourself and inspire yourself to keep training regularly than to get proper workout clothes that provide comfort and confidence in one go?

Designed to help you protect your skin with breathable, sweat-wicking materials, and to keep your joints supported and your muscles engaged with compressive fabrics, workout garments can be a great investment in your health and your physique alike. 

Build up your nutrition

What you eat during the day plays a key role in any fitness goals you want to achieve. Without optimizing your nutrition, you cannot expect to get leaner, stronger, or boost your endurance over time. It’s best to focus on diversifying your nutrition through a variety of low-calorie vegetables and fruits, but keep lean protein sources such as chicken and turkey as the basis for building lean muscle. 

Then again, make sure that you choose nutrient-dense, low-calorie snacks that will keep you full without letting you succumb to your cravings. Go for local, seasonal foods that are filled with vitamins and minerals, and you’ll not just look amazing, but feel energized all day long!

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Find the most effective supplements

In addition to a well-structured diet, supplements based on ingredients that are proven to work can help you improve your quality of training, performance, energy levels, and recovery after your training. Some ingredients such as citrulline are perfect when you want to have more energy and focus for each workout, and to let your body recover faster after your training. 

It serves to boost blood flow during your training and to enhance your focus to ensure safe exercising and prevent injuries. Plus, such supplements are easy to add to your pre-workout shake without disrupting your daily nutrition goals. 

Choose powerful exercises

Whether you have an underlying health problem or you simply want to look better, you should always research and introduce the most effective exercises for your goals. Compound movements such as squats and lunges are not only great for getting strong legs and a perky rear, but also for strengthening your core and boosting your posture. 

Then again, adding explosive movements such as kicks and some boxing punches helps burn more calories and get a more agile body. The bottom line is that you should create a training plan that targets your entire body and helps you reach your goals. 

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Don’t get stuck in a workout rut

Unless you’ve been in sports your entire life, chances are that you’ll come across those days when motivation is low. When you’d rather sit back and enjoy your favorite Netflix binge with a bucket of ice cream on your lap and pizza on the way, right? However, even though cheat days are a legitimate addition to your routine, it’s vital that you don’t let your workout schedule suffer.

Make sure that you introduce versatile, fun activities to keep you on your toes. It’s simple to replace your bus ride to work with a cycling session to the office, and you can book a swimming session or a dance class occasionally to avoid getting bored on the treadmill. It’s all about getting creative instead of letting your sluggishness get the better of you.

Truth be told, if you throw on your favorite bikini right now, you should know – you’re already perfectly ready for summer. However, if you do want to work on your fitness and health, and get a lean summer body you’ll be proud of along the way, there’s no reason to shy away from a challenge. Use these tips to stay consistent and to greet the summer looking as fabulous as you feel!

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