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Going abroad isn’t just an opportunity to expand your horizons, make new friends, and share amazing new experiences with loved ones. It’s also a chance to air your expansive wardrobe and string together the accessories you love in fashionable, chic neighborhoods throughout your destination. With travel closely associated with glamor, this is your chance to hit up those Instagram feeds and produce some stunning photographs of yourself with your friends, family, or partner in some of the most picturesque destinations in the world. Here’s how you’ll plan your stylish trip this winter.

Your Travel Pack

A travel pack is your self-contained mobile wardrobe for the duration of your vacation. Within it, you’ll place all that you’re looking forward to wearing on your trip. Often, individuals will purchase new clothes for their upcoming vacation - and if you’re looking for a little extra cash to purchase these, look to Cash Lady short-term loans to finance your brand new wardrobe.

Your travel pack should also include essentials like sunglasses, suncream, all the chargers you’ll need, and items like your camera, your phone, and your travel documents. If you’re expecting to go hiking, a rudimentary first aid kit is also recommended in order to help you if you get a minor injury while abroad.

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Clothes Packing

While you’re unlikely to stuff your clothes into your bag in a willy-nilly fashion, you may well pack a bag with some of your best clothes in such a way as to unpack them in your destination with folds and creases all over them. Happily, some of the world’s best chic travelers have put together comprehensive guides on how to make your clothes look as-new in your destination, including: 

  • Rolling your clothes, rather than folding them. This negates that awful fold-crease as you unpack
  • Bringing travel hangers which you use for your clothes in your destination
  • Packing a mini-iron for your trip, or contacting your accommodation asking for one in advance
  • Putting fragrance in your bag, so that your clothes emerge smelling wonderful

Getting your clothes packed right is an important part of your stylish travel plan - ensuring that you’re able to hit the streets minutes after arrival at your hotel - looking glamorous and ready for those photos.

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Cosmetics and Accessories

A quick note on the rest of your stylish travel pack - in the form of accessories and make-up. Remember that, if you’re packing only hand luggage for your flight, you’re unable to take any cosmetics that exceed 100ml onto the plane. This prevents you from taking some of your favorite big-batch cosmetics - though you can put smaller amounts of your liquids in smaller containers for your trip if required, as explained by Travel Fashion Girl.

Meanwhile, your accessories - and here we’re thinking wide-brimmed sun hats and stylish sunglasses and jewelry - should be packed in protected cases where possible, so ensure that you’re going to look stunning when you head out on your first exploration of your chosen destination.

These key tips will help you pack in style for your next exciting trip abroad.

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