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By Jess Cooper

Christmas, New Year’s Eve and other holidays are just around the corner. This means that we should slowly start thinking about the party we’re planning to organize as well as the outfits we’re going to wear. New Year’s Eve is an especially euphoric eve. That’s probably due to the fact that we’re saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming a new, even better one. When we think about it, what pops into our mind is champagne, glittering decorations and sparkly clothes. However, celebrating this magical eve in the same way we’ve been celebrating for the past years can feel a little tedious.

So, if you feel that it’s time to upgrade the way you celebrate New Year’s Eve, you’re in the right place. We’ve prepared for you some ideas for your New Year’s Eve party that are surely going to spark things up. Take a look at them.

Dazzle your guests with your mixology skills

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One of the absolutely amazing New Year’s Eve party ideas to dazzle your guests is by showing off your mixology skills. New Year’s Eve and cocktails somehow fit in well. Think about your favourite cocktails, find out what you need for them and how they are prepared and stock up on ingredients. You can even make it more interactive by having your guests come up with a cocktail they’d like to mix. If you’re planning to do this, you should start on time. Have the guests send you what they need so you can prepare. Remember to get the appropriate glasses and glass decorations as well to make the cocktails even more amusing. My recommendation would be a popular Australian cocktail called the Death Flip (it tastes better than it sounds) and a popular American one, Tom and Jerry. They are both yummy!

Make the party fun with photos

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New Year’s Eve is a special eve as then, even people who dislike taking photos, take some to make the night memorable. It’s probably one of the nights when people take the most photos. What you can do is set up a photo-taking station with some wall decorations and photo props. An even better idea is to go for a photo booth hire in Sydney, London or wherever you live. It comes with props, so you don’t have to worry about that. And what’s best, you can get your photos instantly. It’s a great way to add some fun to your party and make it more lively.

Prepare an ace up your sleeve: Party games

It’s always a good idea to be well-prepared and to have some secret aces up your sleeve in case your party goes dead for some reason. One of the sure ways to boost fun at your party is with some party games. For instance, you can upgrade your card game and print out a ‘Drink if’ game. Basically, there are some cards with prompts that say ‘Drink if you are wearing something red’. You get the point. This is a perfect game for people to relax a bit and get to know each other. You can also use diverse apps to play some games.

Make your place sparkly and glittery

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A New Year’s Eve party is a unique opportunity to decorate your place. And however many decorations you use - it’s never too much! So think banners that say ‘Happy New Year!’, foil curtains, balloons and sparkles. You can even create a disco wall. Remember to use mood lighting and go crazy with glitter and glittery decorations such as candles, for example. You can get some noisemakers and crowns for your guests. There are all kinds of head and face New Year’s Eve props you can use. Confetti poppers and a countdown wall are also trending.

Add a New Year’s resolution jar

To add some deeper meaning to your party, you could consider adding a New Year’s resolution jar. It can be a station where people can take some time to think about their New Year’s resolutions, write them on a piece of paper and put them in their purse or pocket. It can be a great start to life-changing decisions.

Be creative with food

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

When it comes to party food, there are so many great ideas. Usually, people go for cute little finger food and appetizers, so you could consider those. It’s great that you can make any food festive with some thematic food toppers.

Consider a thematic party

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Another way to organize an extraordinary party is to make it completely thematic and have everyone come dressed up according to the theme. Some of the most popular themes include Great Gatzby, Fancy Dress, Famous Dead People, Heroes and Villains and so on. You get the idea. Try to be creative and come up with something unusual to make it more interesting.

When New Year’s Eve euphoria kicks in, the ideas will come pouring into your head for sure. This guide is there just to get your creative juices flowing on time, before that euphoric kick in.

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