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By Sadie Brooks

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The year is slowly ending, which means we’re all at the end of our nerves and strengths. If you and your partner are desperate to get away from work, obligations and chores, and just want to enjoy each other’s company, you need to book a short vacation as soon as possible. Those looking for something special and a bit unusual can freely book any of the listed trips and be sure they’re going to have the best time:

Spa getaway

When you say spa, you mean romance and relaxation in utmost privacy. If you’re from the States, Lake Austin or The Ranch Malibu are two of the favorite spa-lovers choices, but for those willing to go a bit further for their escape, Thailand is the destination to book today.

Thailand has the best spa resorts in the world, with hundreds of different treatments, from relaxing Reiki gemstone therapies to extreme Everest preparation sessions. Plus, if you choose spas like Chiva-Som, expect a true visual treat with light wood and floor-to-ceiling beachfront views. If you and your partner are craving ultimate relaxation and romance, there’s no better choice for you.

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Golfing resort

You don’t actually have to be crazy for golf in order to have a super exciting and fun romantic vacation in a top-class golf destination. One of the best locations for all golfers is Scottsdale, Arizona, a true paradise for all adventurers looking to mix golf and romance. This place is sun-drenched all year round and full of beautiful restaurants, shopping opportunities, hiking trails, sightseeing options and exciting nightlife.

It’s also a great budget option for a longer vacation because you can find amazing condo rentals with luxury amenities, great local insight and quite affordable prices. When in Scottsdale, you can start your days with a friendly round of golf, then have a relaxing lunch, walk hand-in-hand while sightseeing and shopping and end your days with an exclusive romantic dinner—what more can a couple want from their getaway?

Wine holiday

If you’re trying to escape the city to celebrate your anniversary, honeymoon or any other romantic date, head to California for a perfect wine getaway. Sonoma Valley in California has more than 400 wineries you can visit, so choose one as your base. For instance, Bella Vineyards and Wine Caves have some spectacular views and super romantic settings.

Most wineries are close to exclusive restaurants (romantic ones in the area include LaSaletta, Valetta and The Girl and The Fig), but you can also book a wine tour and enjoy many different foods and wines of the region. A scenic bike ride along the vineyards with your beloved is something you’ll remember forever.

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Glamping is a relatively new concept that’s constantly rising in popularity. While regular camping is reserved for true adventurers looking to challenge themselves and their survival skills, glamping is more suitable for couples who want to relax, enjoy nature in comfort and be safe and warm during their adventure. Still, glamping offers a lot of excitement and opportunities to get wild.

If you want to mix comfort with adventure, head to Australia and book a Longitude 131° stay, which is the most lux glamping site in the world, nestled right next to the iconic Uluru rock in the Red Center. You and your partner can use the day to learn about Anangu culture and explore the land, and use the night to enjoy each other’s company in gorgeous tents dwarfed by the impressive scenery.

Theme park weekend

Listen, you’re never too old to have a fun theme park vacation. If you’re looking for romance and fun at the same time, why not visit Disney World? You and your partner will feel like kids again and have so much fun every day. If you want to have a very special evening, you can even book an exclusive suite and feel like a prince and princess. There are also other super fun theme parks, such as Silver Dollar City in the Ozark Mountains.

You can book a very cute and romantic cabin accommodation and spend the day at this adult amusement park. During Christmas, they have special events and super-pretty decorations. For those looking for crazy adrenaline, Cedar Point in Ohio might be just what they need.

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As you can see, you don’t have to choose typical getaway spots like Hawaii or spend too much money either. These destinations and activities above will give a whole new meaning to romance and shower you with fun, adventure and adrenaline. A unique couple like you deserves a unique romantic trip!

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