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By Eva Fydrych

Why They Matter

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Let's talk about the entrepreneurship and the business side of fashion. If you followed all the previous articles in our series, you should already know how to start your own clothing brandchoose your niche, how to thrive on the internet as a new entrepreneur, and how to present yourself in style.

Fashion industry holds a significant part of the global economy and there is still a lot of room for new businesses as long as they can identify consumer needs properly and stay ahead of competitors by researching trends, incorporating new technologies, and offering state-of-the-art customer service.

Today, we are going to talk about another important part of fashion business: choosing the right products for your store, using websites such as China wholesale, and making sure that you are familiar with the current trendsGood design and appealing colour palette are essential elements to attracting buyers to your clothing store.

How to Get Started?

Attending international trade shows, fashion conferences and online seminars should become an integral part of your work schedule. Some of the most recommended events include: MAGIC Las Vegas & New York, Texworld Paris, Who's Next, Première Vision, PURE London, MODA (UK), Intermoda (Guadalajara), Colombiamoda (Medellin), International Apparel & Textile Fair (Dubai), Fashion Exposed NOW (Australia), and CHIC (Shanghai).

To help you choose relevant events to your business needs, we publish our Fashion Calendar every single month. It is currently one of the most informative and reliable resources available online, so make sure to check it out!

MAGIC New York (Photo courtesy of Informa Markets)

Trend forecasting agencies (such as WGSN or Fashion Snoops), which recognise patterns of trends and formulate predictions on consumers future buying habits, should be your go-to websites.

Next Step

Once you get yourself familiarised with current and future trends, it is time to put that knowledge into action and start searching for trendy outfits for women and cheap clothes for men. To help you out with that task, we selected our favourite designs that will be popular in 2023 and beyond.

Have a look and get inspired!

All About Denim

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Cargo and cut-out jeans get paired up with luxury accessories and eye-catching jewellery (such as gold chains and oversized earrings) to create chic, urban look. A combination of masculine and feminine elements blent effortlessly in order to create a strong and unique statement. 2023 is all about individuality and self-expression.

Skirt Sets

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Two-piece sets for women continue growing in popularity as they not only look good but are also very practical and can be easily combined with other items of clothing. This is especially important when you are travelling to beach destinations and want to pack light.

Maxi skirt + crop top sets were one of the most common trends spotted during my trip to Mexico in February 2023. This feminine trend will be a huge hit this year so make sure to invest in a variety of prints and colours to give your customers something to choose from.

Funky Accessories

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From silver pendants to oversized pearl necklaces, jewellery gets bold and creative this year. If you want to take your fashion business to the next level, invest in some styling knowledge and offer useful tips and ideas how to accessorise various outfits and create stylish looks for different occasions.

That can be done in a from of short posts in your blog section, via social media platforms or on your main website - underneath the product section. Invite a couple of influencers to help you style the clothes and come up with unique ideas how to combine different elements together.

Photo courtesy of Wholesale21

Don't be afraid to get creative and stand out from the crowd. Surprise your customer with professional tips and out-of-the-box styling ideas - that way you can gain their trust and establish yourself as a fashion expert.

Photo courtesy of Wholesale21

Final Thoughts

Running your own fashion business is for sure a challenging and time-consuming task, however if you use the right tools (such as Wholesale21 website and trend forecasting agencies we mentioned above), you are a one step closer to making the right choices.

Remember that growing your business and attracting buyers to your store requires patience and consistency. Make sure you try various approaches and see what works best. Staying on top of both current and future trends will give you a competitive edge over other retailers.

Good luck with your fashion journey!

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