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Image by svetlanasokolova on Freepik

The boho style of fashion has been around for many years and it's representative of an ideology of a lifestyle that's alternative to the traditional way of dressing. Why would you want to be conventional if you don't have to be? Wearing clothing and a boho style is captivating, beautiful and fascinating and it gives everybody a sense that you are carefree and you vibe in a different way to everybody else.

It's characterized by creativity, but it does have certain textures and patterns throughout the clothing. For example the boho dresses by Johnny Was are a mirror of the boho style and are perfect for sunshine months ahead. You can pull off a bohemian dress without worrying about having to conform to any of the latest styles or trends. And the best part is that it looks fantastic on everybody, regardless of shape, size or height. All you need to do is learn how to elevate your style and your look with the right accessories. Let's take a look at why you should wear some boho style clothes for this year.

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  • You get to be your own artist. One of the best things about the bohemian style of clothing is that you can be experimental. You can be daring and you can be bold. You can mix textures and prints and choose which style works best for your body shape and what you want to reflect. It's all about creativity, so you can combine elements from different clothing trends for a one-of-a-kind look that's unique to you. The best part is that bohemian clothing comes with 1000 different looks and you can pull different pieces together to create a style that's truly just yours.

  • There's no right or wrong in how you do this. The best thing about choosing Boho Chic is that your accessories and your clothing options can be mixed and matched time and time again. There is no right or wrong because the bohemian style of clothing doesn't conform to the societal and fashion principles of right or wrong. If you want to splash different textures and patterns together, you can go ahead. If you want to layer different types of jewelleries and metals, you can go ahead. A bohemian doesn't worry about being accepted, but they want to reflect their own self acceptance with their clothing and their style.

Photo: Pexels

  • Everybody can get involved no matter who it is. Anybody can get involved and look fantastic in bohemian style clothing.You end up with a more put together look and a boho chic dress is ideal for those who want to feel fashionable but stay comfortable. They are flowy, they are fresh and they are embellished, and the patterns and textures alone are a great reason to say yes to a boho style.

  • It’s fun. You cannot get away from how fun it is to dress like a bohemian! You can have a lot of fun choosing different outfits and styles.

Image by svetlanasokolova on Freepik

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