Tuesday, September 3, 2013


By AFP/Relaxnews

Christian Dior releases two new films

Photo courtesy of AFP/Relaxnews

The Parisian luxury brand has released a double whammy of stunning beauty and fragrance films. 

First up is Mystic Metallics, a dramatic minute-long film which shows off the label's new Autumn-Winter 2013 makeup collection using the power of a mystical crystal ball. Blusher, color eyeshadows, and colorful compacts all feature alongside diffracted surrealist shots of a model in one of designer Raf Simons' iridescent turbans. 

The second clip, Infinite Miss Dior, features an architectural approach to the perfume flask set to the lyrics and tune of Edith Piaf's "La Vie En Rose," which is remixed in a number of different styles. The film examines the fine details on the Miss Dior Le Parfum bottle from the stunning houndstooth print on the glass to the silver bow, and Dior logo on the stopper, before zooming out to a wider view of a giant perfume flask.

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