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By Lynda Castonguay

Ageless Derma
Good to Go Mineral Makeup Starter Kit

Photo courtesy of Ageless Derma

Weeks ago, I had my makeup done for a wedding and the self taught makeup artist (Angie DiBattista) did such an exquisite job, that I vowed to teach myself, as she did. With the advice of the beauty blog, and Ageless Derma’s Good to Go Mineral Makeup Starter Kit (in medium), I am now a smidgen more knowledgeable in the art of makeup. Its application is an art. Its creation, a science, and with products whose ingredient lists read like something straight out of a health food store - green tea extract, lavender, rosemary, sage, horseradish, apple extract, patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, and ylang ylang - this is where Ageless Derma is leading.

Beginners, intermediates, and veterans alike, this kit is for any one person at any level of expertise because in one purchase, you get the necessary products and tools to create your base look. In it comes a loose and pressed foundation, bronzer, mineral mist, kabuki brush, cheekabuki brush, and camofluff brush. All this talk of buki had my inexperienced head swirling, so truth be told, I googled it to know what was what. 

Kabuki brush (Photo courtesy of Ageless Derma)

Bearing in mind everything I learned from From Head to Toe, I began the process as specifically explained in the kit’s leaflet describing the know how and how to of applying the makeup. I started with the Sea Shell loose foundation and to my surprise (I was never a believer in loose foundation), quite literally, I saw the powder transform my face. It covered my facial inconsistencies and filled in the blanks, turning my skin into a clean and matte canvas.

Also in my makeup arsenal is a seven gram container of AD’s loose foundation in Cool Beige. To fast forward into the future a little, I used this shade the following application and it delivered the same results. Obviously. Both shades actually work really well with my skin tone and neither of the two shades makes my face seem discoloured or out of place. It takes very little of the powder for full application, so these seven grams will last me a while.

Ageless Derma Loose Mineral Foundation in Cool Beige 

An added feature to the loose foundations is you can mix it with their mineral mist or your moisturizer to get a liquid foundation. In whichever condition you decide to apply your makeup - loose, pressed, liquid - the benefits remain the same, in that the natural ingredients help and protect your skin and also allow it to breathe.

OK, back to business. Next, was the pressed foundation which comes in a darker shade than its loose counterpart. A few fell swoops of that and it gave my face a little more colour. It wasn’t overwhelming, but just enough to make my skin come more alive. I also used the pressed foundation and the smaller camofluff brush to get around intricate spots like the eyes, nose, and lips.

The final touch was that of the sun, their bronzer “Touch of Sun” and what a fabulous shade it is! The shimmer is minimal and it does not have an underlying orange tint, really allowing you to create a believable glow and a subdued contour of cheek bones and jaw line. A couple sprays of the mineral mist on my face, and alas, a makeup that stood the test of time and carried me through my entire day.

Photo by Lynda Castonguay (Click to enlarge)

I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so when I do, my skin is very aware and critical of what is being put on it. My current regime of BB cream leaves my skin oily and in a grave panic when I touch my face or don’t wash it right away in fear of a blemish taking shape. This mineral makeup, however, is none of the above. It fared well with my complexion. It’s soft. It’s lightweight. It’s effortless. It’s clean and inconspicuous.

The lighting in my apartment bathroom isn’t very conducive to makeup application, so the true test was to review it under the unforgiving fluorescent lights in the bathroom at work. Once at the office, I got up close to the mirrors, and to my welcomed surprise, there was nothing to hint that I had essentially three layers of makeup on - two of loose foundation, one of pressed. My face was void of any traces of flaky makeup, streaks, or crinkled breaks from my inevitable facial expressions (I tend to be animated). It appeared soft, untouched, and, drum roll please... it appeared natural! I then did what any extremely content woman would do... I wow’d myself!

Loose Mineral Foundation Sea Shell - regular size (Photo courtesy of Agless Derma)

As women, we tend to put so much on our faces, from morning till night, that our skin rarely catches a break. With Ageless Derma’s Mineral Makeup, you are giving it that well deserved break while still getting your coverage. Topically, we need to start treating our skin better because the cleaner the makeup, the cleaner the skin. The cleaner the skin, the cleaner the look. The cleaner the look, the happier you.


Ageless Derma

Photo courtesy of Ageless Derma

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