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By Eva Fydrych

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Photos courtesy of CARLINII 

Barbara Carlinii, the founder of CARLINII INTERNATIONAL based in London (UK)is an experienced makeup artist and a leading tutor in the makeup and spray tan industry. Her clientele includes famous celebrities and international models with whom she works on a daily basis.

CARLINII offers one of the best spray tans in London. The group has come out with a new 3D spray tan technique, which is said to be a healthy and organic treatment aimed at making your skin smooth and soft. It evenly spreads tan around the body and provides an even coating of natural looking bronze tan. This new technique is the first of its kind in the industry and can also re-sculpt your body, giving defining contours and can help in covering any imperfections on the skin such as scarring, cellulite etc. Not only does the tan cover up imperfections, but it also moisturizes the skin, keeping it soft and irritation free.

Fashion Studio Magazine had a unique opportunity to find out more about CARLINII and its innovative products. Read our exclusive interview with Barbara below!

Barbara Carlinii

Occupation: HDTV Makeup Artist, Celebrities Image Creator, Founder and CEO of CARLINII LTD.
City: London, UK

Photo courtesy of CARLINII


BARBARA: It all began with a dream, determination, a few make up cosmetics and a spray gun…and well the rest, as they say the rest is history. But history that became beauty and fashion industry revolution. New Technology and absolutely innovation technique of Make Up application, giving flawless and perfect skin.

FASHION STUDIO: What services does your company offer? 

BARBARA: Superior quality, attention to detail and innovation, CARLINII demonstrates a clear competitive advantage in new HD Spray Make Up and 3D Spray Tan technology, international trainings, beauty franchise and professional CARLINII multifunctional equipment – first of its kind on the worldwide market. 

At the CARLINII, you gain unparalleled access to our high class HD spray make up and 3D SLIM spray tan services. You will enjoy a truly unique private experience offering an unrivalled level of luxury. Working in partnership with global brands such as TEMPTU, JEUNVIE, LA TAN located in London and New York. With 13 years international experience as a spray makeup artist, business tutor I have founded CARLINII to pass on my passion, enthusiasm and skills to others. I offer a first-class education to those wanting to start a career in the industry.

CARLINII’S runs individual trainings and private lessons to teach individuals who want to learn to look their best in applying professional day or night makeup. The first venture of its kind in the UK, offers exciting opportunities to earn professional qualifications in makeup artistry and techniques for television, film, fashion, advertising and bridal industries. Specialist workshops are available in CARLINII SPRAY MAKE UP, SPRAY JEWELLERLY, SPRAY TATOOS AND SPECIAL IMPERFECTION COVERAGE trainings.

Our techniques… your beauty.

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CARLINII spray tan uses a revolutionary 3D technique which can be used to define and re-sculpt your body shape and can also be used to cover any imperfections you may have, cellulite and scarring can easily be disguised, so you’ll be ready to hit the beach in confidence. We custom blend our tanning solution individually for your needs and it is 100% pure DHA, organic and free from any fragrance, alcohol and parabens. This treatment dries instantly so you can get dressed in minutes. 


The spray-dot-pattern the airbrush puts onto the skin, registers less on camera than the patterns and trace-lines that brushes and sponges leave behind, usually in Hi-definition and resolution photographs these become visible. This technology completely eliminates this problem giving a sheer flawless coverage that stays put for 48hrs. Scars, birthmarks and imperfections can be easily disguised and contouring achieved using the Carlinii technique.

FASHION STUDIO: Which beauty treatments are most popular at the moment? 

BARBARA: Any treatments which give immediate results and make clients feel and look like a million dollars. 

Most clients want treatments which are quick and achieve immediate results. Our HD Spray make up and 3D spray tan is extremely fast.

Photo courtesy of CARLINII 

FASHION STUDIO: Could you tell us more about your international experiences and working with celebrities?

BARBARA: When it comes to international experience I have worked at New York, Milan and London Fashion Week, travelling the world doing make up presentations and business seminars. As a makeup and tan designer I am very privileged to fantastic opportunities where I can travel the world and work with some of the most incredible artists.

And celebrities who have all been extremely kind an extraordinarily talented. I always find these experiences to be one of greatness however it does mean that I have to be away from my family.

FASHION STUDIO: How would you compare international makeup scene to London?

BARBARA: In my opinion artists in London are pioneers when it comes to makeup designs. However having influences from abroad adds a great flavour to the UK. We can learn a lot from all varieties of talented artists all around the world.

FASHION STUDIO: Could you reveal some of your favourite beauty tricks?

BARBARA: The best advice I can give is to make sure that your skin is always in the best condition it can be before creating your desired make up or tan. There are a variety of tricks to choose from such as countering and highlighting and it is all about finding the best way to create your look. One of my favourite tan tricks is my signature 3D slim tan that make body look a lot slimmer.

Photo courtesy of CARLINII 

FASHION STUDIO: What are some of the most common fashion mistakes that people make?

BARBARA: I believe that the most common mistakes are made when it comes to following trends and becoming unfamiliar with your own personal style. It is important that you are able to recognise what suits you and to remember that consistency is key when building your own personal image. An individual who sets a trend will attract more attention than an individual who simply follows a trend. 

FASHION STUDIO: How would you encourage our readers to visit your salon in London?


We operate an appointment only service, also specials mobile service which are now available. This means that we are able to provide our clients with a more personal, one to one service where we can cater to the client’s needs and pay attention to the vital details.

Photo courtesy of CARLINII 

FASHION STUDIO: What are you plans for the future? What is your ultimate goal for CARLINII?

The plans for the near future are to expand and open up more franchise CARLINII businesses across London and internationally. To teach people the new CARLINII technique. To run start-ups business trainings and help people to set up the company.

My plans for the future are to be the best that I can be, to design for films, work on fashion shows and to present iconic images for cover work, to teach people and grow up their business. My ultimate goal in life is to be at peace with myself, have time for my family and have a happy life.

I would like to see CARLINII reach heights across all aspects in every industry globally. We are taking one step at a time and building towards reaching our goal.

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you so much for your time and good luck with all your projects!

Photo courtesy of CARLINII

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