Sunday, December 28, 2014


By Lynda Castonguay

Not Your Ordinary Marketplace

Photo courtesy of WaySpa

In my quest to find the best services and products for transitioning my skin from summer to winter, I stumbled upon WaySpa, an online spa marketplace. I was put in touch with their Director of Operations, Jenny Creed, to learn a little more about the company. From the horse’s mouth, this is what she had to say.

In Mrs. Creed’s nutshell, WaySpa is “... a great, easy-to-use online spa marketplace where you can purchase a gift certificate to over 2,000 spas.”

After noticing there was a great divide between salons and the ever growing use of technology, Jeremy Creed founded WaySpa in 2003 as a means to connect customers and spas in an easy capacity:

“We have found that the spa industry is notoriously disconnected technologically and wanted to correct this. WaySpa links customers to spas and vice versa by creating a site wherein any consumer can easily find what they are looking for and compare spas and treatments”.

It is a void they have successfully filled as evidenced by their growing number of participating salons. They first started out with only six and now, they are across North America and have an international presence, “It was a tremendous amount of work convincing people to partner with us even though it was 100% performance based. The concept was very new”. 

Photo courtesy of WaySpa

With further growth on their horizon, WaySpa hopes to become a site wholly dedicated to all facets of well-being:

“We know that spas are a large part of health and wellness, and want to take it one step further. We are considering on-boarding more fitness and wellness locations, including but not limited to yoga, pilates, personal training and nutrition.”

The benefits of WaySpa to the consumer are obvious: accessible information, a comparative website and exclusive discounts - but they also serve the spas:

“As most spas are small businesses, we provide a marketing service that they often don’t have time to arrange themselves. In doing this, we help to bring customers through the front door. Our spas also have access to an easy-to-update website where they can feature their amenities, services and treatments.”

The spa world is vast. There are countless treatment possibilities at various prices in salons all across our cities. It can be exhausting trying to swim those waters. WaySpa, thankfully, is hired help. At no cost to you, the customer, they streamline your many options in this over saturated market, and with that leg work out of the way, all that’s left to do is peruse to your heart’s content, choose your choice and at the click of a button the microdermabrasion facial at the salon in that trendy neighbourhood you so love is now yours.

Photo courtesy of WaySpa

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