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Press Release

MBFW Madrid
the driving force behind Spanish fashion’s big creative moment 

MARÍA ESCOTÉ (See Now Buy NowPhoto by Getty Images

Organised by IFEMA, this major Spanish fashion platform will hold its 67th edition from 24 to 29 January, a few weeks earlier than in recent years.

The fashion week will host shows from 48 creators and brands. The event continues to attract new additions. Big names in Spanish fashion such as Pedro del Hierro, Oliva, Leandro Cano and Moisés Nieto will return to the catwalk while brands like La Condesa, Duarte and creative duos Oteyza and Shoop Clothing will participate for the first time.

MADRID, SPAIN - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, this major platform for the promotion of Spanish fashion, organised by IFEMA, will hold its 67th edition from 24 to 29 January at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid and at other locations in the city, becoming a driving force and binding element behind the creative period Spanish fashion is undergoing. 

Over six days, and a few weeks before the usual dates, this event will once again host collections from big names in Spanish fashion design—established names and new talent—showcasing yet again the richness of Spanish design. The schedule for this edition includes shows and presentations from 48 designers and brands. Names like Maria Escoté, Palomo Spain, Alvarno, Juan Vidal, Jorge Vázquez, Teresa Helbig, Ana Locking, The 2nd Skin, ManeMané, Ulises Mérida, Garcia Madrid, Andrés Sardá, Leandro Cano and Devota&Lomba will be back to project their own unique point of view in their new proposals, the result of their creative talent and capacity for innovation. 

MARÍA ESCOTÉ (See Now Buy NowPhoto by Getty Images

For this edition, IFEMA has decided to retain the catwalk schedule format which was so well received in September. Fashion shows will alternate between hall 14.1 at Feria de Madrid and other locations in the centre of the city, thus making Madrid one of the world’s big fashion capitals. Most of the shows will take place at hall 14.1 at IFEMA from 25 to 29 January, and each day will be completed with fashion shows and presentations at other locations in the city, upon invitation by the designers and brands.

The day before, on Wednesday 24 January, collections will be presented at various locations throughout the city, by direct invitation of each brand. Specifically, five firms will present their collections on the 24th: Duarte, Pilar Dalbat, Jesús Lorenzo, Oteyza and Pedro del Hierro, the latter two being newcomers at this edition. Oteyza will offer a singular performance at Matadero Madrid, where it will give free rein to its three main pillars: geometry, expression and movement. Pilar Dalbat will present her collection at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando and the firm Duarte has chosen the IKB 191 Studio to exhibit its new proposals. Jesus Lorenzo will present his collection at the Santo Mauro hotel

PEDRO DEL HIERRO (Photo by Getty Images)

One of the big novelties this season is the return of Pedro del Hierro to the catwalk after an absence of 15 years. The brand, headed by creative director Nacho Aguayo, will celebrate its 30 years in the fashion world with a show at the Madrid Railway Museum. 

On Wednesday 24 January, Facebook/Instagram will also host an event in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid with the support of Madrid Capital de Moda called "The New Showcase for Fashion", which will take place at the Caja de Música in the Palacio de Cibeles. At this event, leading industry representatives will find out first-hand how social platforms have become the focus for the conversation around fashion, serving as inspiration and forming part of the consumer purchase cycle. “The New Showcase for Fashion” will feature Charo Izquierdo, Director of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid; Juan Pedro Moreno, President of Accenture Iberia and Israel, and Laurent Solly, VP Southern Europe at Facebook, among others. 

María Escoté opens the schedule of fashion shows at IFEMA 

The designer María Escoté will open the schedule of fashion shows at the 67th edition of MBFWMadrid on Thursday 25 January at the Bertha Benz Room in hall 14.1 at IFEMA, presenting her collection based on the concept See now, Buy now

The schedule of established designers at this edition will be closed on Sunday 28 January by Palomo Spain, one of the new big talents in Spanish fashion, whose abundant creativity, fantasy and good work have revolutionised the creative universe in Spain and beyond. His presentation will take place at the Teatro Real in Madrid. 

ROBERTO VERINO (See Now Buy NowPhoto by Getty Images

Notable additions 

Significant here is the return to the general catwalk schedule of big names in the Spanish fashion world, brands like Pedro del Hierro, Oliva, Leandro Cano, Moisés Nieto and Miguel Marinero. They will be joined by first-timers like the creative duo Oteyza, La Condesa, Duarte and the duo Shoop Clothing. Another highlight is the return of Roberto Verino to hall 14.1 at IFEMA after two editions presenting shows at different locations in Madrid; Isabel Núñez’ first show at IFEMA, and shows by Leandro Cano, Manemané and Juan Vidal and the Who’s on Next-VOGUE Awards at the Real Casa de Correos in the Puerta del Sol, seat of Madrid's regional government.

The see now buy now concept will also be present at this edition in collections by María Escoté, Roberto Verino and Oliva.

For his part, Moisés Nieto will present his new collection at a party at Club Matador on Saturday 27 at 21:30. Access will be by direct invitation by the designer.

JORGE VÁZQUEZ (Photo by Getty Images)

Future of design

As usual, the last day of the MBFWMadrid fashion show programme will address Samsung EGO emergent design, a key element in the regeneration of Spanish fashion that, in its twelve-year history, has become an indispensable space for promoting young talents in the fashion industry and the media. Furthermore, fifteen young creators will be exhibiting their creations at the Samsung Ego Showroom in Cibelespacio during MBFWMadrid. 

The 34th edition of Samsung EGO fashion shows will be opened by Zer, the winning firm at the ninth edition of the Samsung EGO Innovation Project awards, a prize which acknowledges projects by emerging designers which combine fashion and technology at any stage in their creation.

Next, the double shows of this edition of Samsung EGO will take place, featuring 10 young Spanish designers—3 returning and 7 new—as well as the international firm Babukhadia from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, as part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent prize. This award gives the winners an opportunity to present their collection on another of the international catwalks of the circuit sponsored by this car brand. The firm Outsiders Division, which won this prize at the Madrid edition in September, presented its collection days later in Budapest at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central Europe. 

JORGE VÁZQUEZ (Photo by Getty Images)

With all of these fashion events in hall 14.1 at IFEMA and beyond, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid will once again be a major platform for showcasing and supporting Spanish design. A commitment to Spanish fashion which IFEMA has sponsored for more than thirty years, gradually incorporating Spain’s leading designers to the schedule. Since its inception in February 1985, the MBFWMadrid fashion show has hosted fashion on the catwalk for more than 300 Spanish designers. 

MBFWM and Desigual are joining forces in 2018 to develop UN-DRESS, a proposal which arose last September driven by the Barcelona-based brand, with the aim of debating the needs of Spanish fashion and finding areas of cooperation to help designers and fashion professionals to project themselves globally. 

In January 2018, UN-DRESS will have a devoted space at hall 14.1 at IFEMA and will once again bring together reputed industry professionals to talk about the identity of Spanish fashion, its tradition and branding. Through talks, round tables and workshops, the industry’s age-old professions will be analysed and the recycling and re-use of garments will be discussed.

In addition, the January 2018 edition of MBFWM will once again have a programme of invited international press, as in previous shows, with specialist fashion journalists from all around the world taking part. For international buyers, MBFWMadrid has organised a programme in which representatives of prominent points of sale and fashion distribution outlets from different countries of Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America will be present. 

LEANDRO CANO (Photo by Getty Images)

JUAN VIDAL (Photo by Getty Images)

The Pantone colour of the year will decorate the catwalk

At this edition of MBFWMadrid, Ultra Violet is the colour chosen to welcome all visitors to the renovated Cibelespacio. This vibrant and mysterious shade has been chosen by Pantone, the world colour authority, as the colour of the year. The colour conveys originality, ingenuity and visionary thought, three key ingredients in the world of fashion and creation. 

Awards for the best Spanish Fashion 

As usual, this January 2018 edition of MBFWMadrid will be the platform where big names and new talent in Spanish fashion will be honoured. Sponsored by L’Oréal, there will be awards for the best established designer and the best model, as well as a new award for Best Beauty Look. For its part, Mercedes-Benz will select the most prominent emerging designer with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent award, and Samsung will present the winning project of the Samsung EGO Innovation Project on the catwalk at the EGO young designers event. 

MANÉMANÉ (Photo by Getty Images)

DEVOTA & LOMBA (Photo by Getty Images)


Once again, this edition of MBFWMadrid will receive vital support from the private sector, with prestigious new editions. A total of 23 brands have confirmed their support for the event. Mercedes-Benz, L’Oréal and Inditex are the main sponsors; Samsung, Iberia, Font Vella, Ciroc, Royal Bliss, sponsors; Facebook/Instagram, Dyson, Only YOU Hotels, IED Madrid, Rodilla, Kaiku Caffe Latte, ESNE-Escuela Universitaria de Diseño and Westwing, collaborators, with Ecoembes as the environmental collaborator for the event. 

What’s more, this edition of the event counts with the support of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Carrighan glasses, healthy Anaconda Snacks, and the company Supreme Creations Studio, which has created the handbags for this edition, made from organic cotton. The firm Xyon Revolution will also collaborate with its sports shoes serving as the official footwear for the hostesses at this edition. Furthermore, the Fashion TV channel will be this edition's official international television channel.
Source: IFEMA

DEVOTA & LOMBA (Photo by Getty Images)

PEDRO DEL HIERRO (Photo by Getty Images)

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