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By Lisa Doherty

Fall Fashion Trends 2018
Fashion Art Toronto

Photo courtesy of FAT

It is hard to imagine or even start to think about fall and upcoming trends when it feels that spring still hasn’t sprung. This winter has been treacherous and all we can think about are beaches, flowers, sunshine and patio season. However, when it comes to fashion, designers, makeup artists, hairstylists and media, always like to be ahead of the game. 

This past weekend we were able to attend Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) at Daniels Spectrum. All in all, Fashion Art Toronto was a fun and relaxed way to experience fashion. And just as the name suggests, these designers use their craft to display the visual artistic side of fashion. To experience the true art of the industry, Fashion Art Toronto should be on your radar for next year. It is one of Toronto’s highly anticipated fashion events every year. 

Photo by Lisa Doherty (Click to enlarge)

At this event, the designers gave us a taste of what to expect in the fall of 2018, but it wasn’t what most would expect to see on a fall runway. Along with anchoring earth tones, exuberant pops of vibrant colors also appeared throughout the collections. Transcending gender, these unexpectedly vivacious colors in the designers’ fall 2018 palette acted as playful but structured departures from your more typical fall shades. Typically we are used to seeing dark silhouettes with pops of darker colour here and there throughout the pieces. This upcoming season, prepare to see bright colours, and lots of it. Violet purple seemed to be the most popular shade on the runway, as well as unconventional patterns of mixed palettes. 

Mixed patterns and textiles were also leading the fashion scene at Fashion Art Toronto. With plaids, florals, metallics, and intricate designs intertwined with each other to make creative masterpieces including Steven Lejambe’s beautiful couture line. Each designer showed their own unique qualities with out of the box creations. Some designers found ways to re-invent old pieces as with Gemine Design’s recycled clothing line. This was not only creative, but the designer was able to save the planet while making her image and dream come to life. Others created unique accessories like Diseye’s fur sashes and Nessy Nou’s jewelled mouth-pieces that resembled baby soothers. I can see your faces now! But really, they were beautifully crafted. 

Photo by Lisa Doherty

This creativity was also reflected in the hair and makeup. The models for the designers also had talented makeup artists and hair stylists. From beautifully shaded rosey cheeks, to elegant pastel metallic lips and beaded face paint, Nessy Nou’s show was a glimpse into the future of makeup. The final touches to each designer’s vision were created with hairstyles and makeup looks that we have seen frequently this season, and some that were meticulously planned to stand out from the crowd. As with other runway shows this fashion season, some trends were strong.

Gelled back (out of the shower) hair was prominent, as well as 80s inspired blue liner, lips and eyes. Metallics and sparkles were also a big trend. Some designers showed of their collections with head to toe body glitter, while others showed this glamorous side simply with lipstick. Teased hair, black tears from the eyes and messy looks were also an edgy way to show off the designers’ creativity when it came to beauty. 

Photo by Lisa Doherty

Other designers that were featured at Fashion Art Toronto included Vea Studio, Loca One, Vessna Perunovich, ALVCHO, Rowes Fashion, Maxhole, Amplify Apparel, Black Orchid, House of Poplyn, The Coven, Vanity Couture, Bone and Busk, and Ali Haider, among other up and coming talent. Be sure to check out their work and beautiful collections. The beauty in all of these designs is the unique, and creative ways in which the designers express their love of fashion and appreciation of art.

Photo courtesy of FAT

MiTRA by Argie Mitra (Photo courtesy of FAT)

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