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By Stella Ryne

7 Epic Retreat Destinations
for Maximum Zen

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Reaching a state of relaxation is not something easily achievable in this day and age. This is because you usually don’t have enough time to focus on yourself and reaching high levels of spirituality. In the chaos that is the life of a modern man, it’s important to reconnect with ourselves and regain our centre, though. Thankfully, retreat destinations exist and they are the ideal solution to the above-described issue. There’s nothing stopping you from having your next grand adventure somewhere out there, in a new, exotic, and exciting environment. 

A spiritual journey to Kauai

To get more in tune with the wilderness, and experience the world in all its naked beauty, you should visit Kauai, Hawaii. Not only is the nature mesmerizing and perfect for daily mindful walks, but the ocean is right there - brisk, crystal clear, and ready for you.

There’s no better way to reach maximum Zen than by reconnecting with nature itself first. After all, we are an irreplaceable part of nature, no matter how much we steer away from it. 

Kauai, Hawaii (Photo courtesy of Pixabay) Click to enlarge

A healing trip to Oaxaca

If the stress and troubles of daily life have gotten to you, and you’re in desperate need of some healing, Oaxaca, Mexico is the right place for you. It offers peace to each and every visitor. 

The ideal time of year to visit it is winter because you’ll get to escape the depressing atmosphere winter inevitably brings with it. Instead, you’ll enjoy the sand on the beaches which is soft and gentle, allowing you to freely enjoy every moment. 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Bond with the sea-life in the Maldives

Thaa Atoll in the Maldives is full of amazing sea-life that’s welcoming to every visitor. As well as being a great diving destination, it also offers plenty of opportunities to do Yoga.

There’s no better way of reaching the Zen state than by engaging both the body and the mind. Yoga and diving are, therefore, the perfect combo. 

A journey of the mind and body to Koh Tao

Another Yoga destination is in Koh Tao, Thailand. Where better to learn the ancient ways of relaxation and Zen than at the core? On top of that, the scenery you’ll be surrounded by will disperse every worry left in your head. 

Being at peace with ourselves starts with being one with our environment and it’s easier to do that in a new setting.

Koh Tao, Thailand (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Sea Adventure in Port Douglas

The ocean calls to anyone who will listen and the best place to answer that call might just be Port Douglas, Australia. Here’s you’ll get the amazing opportunity to dive in one of its amazing diving spots on the Great Barrier Reef. 

Because it is a diver’s paradise, there are many tours that take you to the heart of the ocean and let you explore the Reef. All you need is a positive attitude, as everything else is included - from delicious food to high-quality diving equipment

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Find yourself in St. Lucia 

The Caribbean is a great place to start finding yourself at. This is particularly true in St. Lucia as you’ll be able to dive in places you’ve never imagined before. You’ll be swimming and diving through history as you explore the shipwrecks buried in the ocean.

On that path of history, you’ll realize you found yourself somewhere along the way. That’s the true magic St. Lucia possesses. 

Recharge your chakra at Lake Titicaca 

The most spiritual of journeys lead right to Lake Titicaca, Peru. It’s the ideal place to rest and recharge your chakra as it is often referred to as the second chakra of the Earth. There’s no way you won’t feel the Zen flowing through you with every step you take.

By the end of your holiday, you’ll be completely recharged and inspired. The only side effect visiting Lake Titicaca has is the radiance it awakens in you. 

Lake Titicaca, Peru (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

As you can see, there’s more than one destination that offers sanctuary to any soul that needs it. Visiting these destinations will remind you that you’re the only one in control of yourself and your life - not your boss, your family, or your friends. It’ll help you be more relaxed and Zen, and it will equip you to deal with the troubles of daily life. You’ll come back home a brand new person - calm, happy, and healthy. Simply put, you’re bound to be at peace with yourself after a journey like this.

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