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By Eva Fydrych

Travelling with Style

Photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine (Click to enlarge)

As an introduction to our new project, Fashion Studio Magazine spoke with Virginia Haynes Montgomery, President at an established New York PR agency Montgomery Communications. In our exclusive interview, Virginia talks about her travelling experiences in Africa and shares her top tips for the most memorable safari trip. Enjoy!


Occupation: President at Montgomery Communications
City: New York

South Luangwa National Park (Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

FASHION STUDIO: Could you tell us a little bit more about your trips to Africa? What did you enjoy most? What was your most memorable experience?

VIRGINIA: Safari is the Swahili word for journey. A journey or safari in Southern Africa is quite possibly the most wonderful experience that one can have in a lifetime. There is something very surreal about riding through the Bush in an open vehicle or walking and suddenly coming upon a herd of elephants or a pride of lions or a dazzle of zebra or any other animals in their natural habitat. It is at once a thrill and a delight. At the end of two or three hours in the Bush, you come away exhilarated with new insights about our natural environment.

Robin Pope Safaris have provided some of my most memorable experiences because their guides are so knowledgeable about the Bush and all its wildlife, birds, plants and trees. Not only do I have a much fun and excitement, they are great teachers so it is a learning experience as well. I would say that I am hooked for life on Africa and find myself longing for the huge open sky and at night, the millions of stars visible to the naked eye. Ernest Hemingway wrote that Africa is a land you are homesick for before you even leave.

At the end of the day after being in the Bush where you do get dusty, you return to a comfy bed, a delicious dinner, and a bath. The Robin Pope Lodges, for example, are created in smart safari style and offer all creature comforts.

Luangwa Safari House (Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

FASHION STUDIO: Why Zambia is a great country to visit?

VIRGINIA: Zambia offers wonderful national parks including the South Luangwa National Park and the Lower Zambezi National Park. Game life is plentiful in both parks. Victoria Falls is partly in Zambia and partly in Zimbabwe. It is definitely one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world and not to be missed. In the west of Zambia is Liuwa Plains National Park. This area is very remote and it is said that on a clear day you can see the curvature of the earth. It is rife with wildlife but can only be gotten to a few months of the year. Its wildness makes it particularly beautiful.

FASHION STUDIO: What tips would you give someone travelling to Zambia for the first time?

VIRGINIA: Be sure to go on safari. Robin Pope in the South Luangwa National Park has wonderful walking safaris where you walk (not hike) from one camp to the next in a day’s walk.

South Luangwa National Park (Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

FASHION STUDIO: How to travel in style?

VIRGINIA: Pack as lightly as you can because usually in Africa, you are moving around quite a bit. A smart pair of khaki pants and beige top always look great. For early morning drives and for nocturnal drives, you will need a sweater. Pack items where you can mix and match so even though you may often wear the same thing, it will look different.

FASHION STUDIO: Which other African countries would you recommend to visit and why?

VIRGINIA: South Africa for its beautiful cities and winelands; Malawi for its beautiful lake; Rwanda for the gorillas; and Kenya for its great safari camps.

FASHION STUDIO: What are the main advantages of travelling? Why do people travel?

VIRGINIA: Travelling is the best way in the world to open up one’s hear, to experience other cultures and to understand that while we all have differences, we are all brothers and sisters. It helps us understand we should embrace the differences because they add to the richness of life. That’s why I travel. Other people may travel because they want to go to the beach or to the mountains or to the desert to get away from everything and relax or to visit family or friends.

Luangwa Safari House (Photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

Lunch at Nkwali Lodge

Nkwali Lodge - chalet 6 (Photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

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