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 By Eva Fydrych

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"Your skin remembers every exfoliation, every beautiful cleanser, and every natural product you put on it. Things that you do today will show in 5 years." - Lumiderma

In preparation for the holiday season, we asked our contributors to share their best tips for achieving beautiful, radiant skin. Here is what they told us:


"The biggest part of skincare is proper cleaning. You can have the best creams in the world, but they won’t do you any good unless your skin is clean before you apply them. So use a good, natural cleanser every morning and evening, to get rid of any impurities in your skin that might cause you to break out. If your cleanser is not doing a good job removing makeup, then remove all the product from your face with a makeup remover before washing it." - Samantha Braddy

Wash your face before bed

"We are all guilty of it; going to bed with our makeup on, or at least some of it. It is so important to clean your face in order to prevent breakouts and bacterial infections. And although you may not notice it now, those clogged pores and dry skin cells will show up in the future when you least expect it." - Lisa Doherty

Gentle cleanser is the foundational part of a glowing skincare routine and if you have dry of sensitive skin, we recommend trying Lumiderma, a bright and simple skincare line designed to counteract dull skin and bring out a new radiant you. Lumiderma believes in celebrating how multifaceted women are and prioritizes helping women be their best selves.

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The right way to exfoliate

"Exfoliation is the most common step in skincare to eliminate the dead skin cells from the layer above and bring out the young and beautiful layers from within. The right way to exfoliate involves gentle products focussed on one problem rather than a heavy product to do it all." - Emma Willson

"Exfoliating is perhaps one of the most underestimated and overlooked aspects of your routine, and although it’s commonly recommended to scrub weekly, some would argue it’s a good idea to include it in your daily regime." - Naomi Shaw

Don’t forget about the CTM

"CTM - cleansing, toning, and moisturizing should be crucial parts of your skincare routine. Make sure to get the products that are suitable for your skin type, and stick to this routine twice a day." - Lena Hemsworth

Hydro-Lipid Replenishing Serum (Photo courtesy of Lumiderma)

Regularise your daily water intake

"Flush out your skin toxins with the regular consumption of water. Drinking water is necessary and essential for all of us. Water intake flushes out the toxins, polluting our body and skin regularly. Water has a significant impact on our well-being. Thus, the initial step of being blessed with glowing skin is regular water-consumption. It is like laying the foundations to get a flawless and glowing skin." - Jessica Smith

"Some people would argue it’s important to hydrate no matter what, even beyond just the goal of having healthier looking skin. I am definitely one of them. Keeping yourself hydrated keeps your skin from becoming too oily and slows down skin aging. It can also help your body to not expel toxins through your skin while sweating, instead flushing them through your bladder. Drinking water also gives your skin the moisture it needs to reflect light in such a way that it gets a healthy glow." - Naomi Shaw

Right food choices

"Being beautiful isn't only about applying high-quality skin products. Beauty comes from within, therefore, the food we eat is equally if not more important than the choice of our daily moisturiser. If you want beautiful and glowing skin, you need to supply it with the right nutrients. The path to gorgeous skin leads through a healthy diet based on lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. You don't have to be an expert to understand what foods are good for you." - Lena Hemsworth

Get your beauty sleep

"Ok, beauty isn't the only reason why you should get at least 7 hours of sleep every day. Your overall health depends a lot on how much quality sleep you get regularly. The lack of sleep affects your mood and memory, clouds your judgment, and even leads to more serious conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases." - Lena Hemsworth

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Sunscreen is your best friend

"While soaking up the sun feels great, it’s actually pretty harmful for us without proper protection. Most of the signs of aging such as wrinkles and hyperpigmentation are actually a consequence of sun damage, so wearing a high SPF on a daily basis is really important. Believe us, if you want to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin, religious use of sunscreen helps more than anything." - Luke Douglas

Wear less makeup

"When we start noticing the first signs of aging, our first instinct might be to cover them up with makeup, but it would be the wrong move. Foundation and lipstick can seep into the fine wrinkles around the eyes and the mouth and it can actually draw attention to the imperfections, rather than mask them. Going for a natural look is a better idea, and wearing less makeup will allow your skin to breathe." - Mia Taylor

Never use too much powder

"The powder can make your skin look older since it will dry your skin. Moderately use powder just to get rid of that shine and as a minor cover-up. But don’t get it the wrong way, it’s not bad to use powder, but just remember not to put too much of it." - Adonia Dennis

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Use products suitable for cold season

"The colder months are a time of increased skin hydration and the use of products that regulate the skin's natural hydration, supporting the epidermis and restoring barrier functions. Products containing ceramides and hyaluronic acid are great for increasing hydration." - Nina Simons

Brighten your skin with Vitamin C

"With age, everyone tends to show signs of ageing, and it appears first on your skin. Its collagen production reduces, which leads to wrinkles, and fine lines, making you look OLD, the last thing you want on earth! The solution lies in Vitamin C.

Apart from fighting ageing-signs, Vitamin C hydrates the skin and makes it bright by fading pigmentation. Your skin can retain more moisture as transepidermal water loss reduces with regular use of Vitamin C mask. It is also excellent for skin redness, inflammation, and sun-damaged skin." - Emma Wilson

Super C Antioxidant Serum (Photo courtesy of Lumiderma)


Achieving healthy, naturally glowing skin is not as complicated as it seems. All you need is a bit of patience and discipline to implement these simple yet effective tips recommended by our beauty experts.

With a little help of brands like Lumiderma, the whole process is very pleasant and safe. All Lumiderma’s products are pure and contain powerful ingredients such as Vitamin C, Fruit Acids, Vegan Retinol, and more. Independent scientific studies show that glowing, uniform skin can make you look even ten years younger and this can be achieved with Lumiderma’s products. Happy Holidays!

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